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Albert Energy connects qualified job seekers and companies for career growth opportunities. We are searching for executives, managers, professionals, technical, and operating personnel to fill energy technology jobs throughout North America.

We assist our client companies by finding them qualified professionals whose experience and credentials match their open positions. Albert Energy works closely with companies that design, build, operate, maintain, and support the many facets of the
energy sector whether it be in power generation, power delivery, or process manufacturing.

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Recruiting Services in North America

The Process


Search our Job Listings for positions matching your background and career objective.


Apply to any of our job openings and submit your resume so you may be considered as a candidate.


We review your information and compare it against our open job requirements.

What if I do not see an open job that is a match for my background?

Our Recruiting Consultants are active in the job market on a daily basis. So, even if you do not see a position which fits your background, please send us your resume. We cannot consider you for a position unless we have it!

Submit your resume today. We will screen your skills for matches with open positions within our database and share your resume with our Recruiting Consultants.

When companies ask us to help them find qualified professionals to fill their open positions, the first thing we do is search our existing resume database. This is a perfect example of “being in the right place at the right time.”
When your resume matches the open position requirements, we will contact you directly to learn of your interest in the new energy sector job opportunity.
Energy Technology Jobs in North America

We are seeking:

  • Corporate Executives
  • Plant Managers, General Managers
  • Mid- and Upper-level Management
  • Experienced, Skilled Professionals
  • Degreed Engineers (typically Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical and Civil/Structural)
  • Professional Engineers
  • Technical Staff
  • Production Managers and Engineers
  • Operating Personnel, Supervisors, and Managers
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety Professionals
  • Project Directors, Project Managers, and Project Engineers


Confidentiality Policy

When you apply for a job or submit your resume to Albert Energy, be assured we will respect confidentiality. Albert Energy understands your need for sensitivity in handling your job search. We will not share your confidential resume with our clients without your prior consent.

Non-discrimination Policy

Albert Energy does not discriminate in its candidate recommendations with regard to race, color, sex, national origin, disability, or age. Albert Energy complies with the Civil Rights Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Title VII, and other federal, state, and local prohibitions against discrimination.

Job Seeker FAQ

How do I apply for a job?
Search our job listings and click on any job you are qualified to fill. Then follow the prompts through the application process on your computer screen.

NOTE: Before you start the application process, you will want to make sure you have all the information you need about previous positions you have held (names, dates, addresses, etc.) and your most current resume ready as a Microsoft Word document.

Should I submit my resume if I do not see a job that is a fit for me?

Yes, absolutely! Submit your resume today, and we will place it in our confidential database. When employers ask us for qualified professionals who meet the requirements and can fill their open positions, the first thing we do is search our existing resume database. When your resume matches the requirements for an open job, we will contact you directly to learn of your interest in the new energy sector job opportunity.

Does your service cost me anything? Who pays the fee?

There is NEVER a fee for job seekers. Our client companies pay Albert Energy’s fees. They know it is more efficient and cost effective to outsource recruiting to Albert Energy, “the silver bullet.”

How long will it take me to find a job?

A well-run job search effort can take many months. The best career search effort requires a proven plan. To shorten the process, you need a precise resume and someone in your corner who has the inside scoop on who is hiring, what their needs are and how your skills measure up to those needs. If you are in the energy sector, you can feel confident Albert Energy is a welcomed partner in matching you with the right job in the shortest time.

Is your service confidential? Will you share my resume without contacting me?

When you apply for a job or submit your resume to Albert Energy, be assured we will respect confidentiality. Albert Energy understands your need for sensitivity in handling your job search. We will not share your confidential resume with our client without first contacting you. For example, we will NOT contact your current or past employers without your consent.

Where did my information go when I completed the online application?

After applying online, the recruiter handling that position is forwarded your resume and answers to the screening questions. Your information will not be sent to the hiring manager until the recruiter has had the opportunity to speak with you and verify your match for the job requirements and genuine interest in the position.

What happens after I apply for a job on-line?

When you apply for a job, we send your resume and your answers to the screening questions to the recruiter who has the relationship with the hiring manager for the open position. This process is both instant and automatic. If you are a match, the recruiter will contact you. At this time, you will have the opportunity to learn more details about the employer and job opportunity. Afterward, if you are still interested in pursuing the opportunity and the recruiter still feels you are a match for the position, the next step of the process, the phone screen, will be initiated.

Can you negotiate salary and help me get a great salary?
Yes. We sometimes assist in salary negotiations. This happens on a case-by-case basis and depends on the employer and candidate. But, we do want you to get the best salary for your skill set. This is because we want success stories. We know we are most successful when our candidates are paid well. We want you to have the best salary you can get because we want you to be content with the job.
Who can see my information? Will you share it without my consent?
We will not share your resume or answers to the screening questions with the employer without first speaking with you about the position. Your resume is only accessible by Albert Energy. It is our policy to speak with every candidate about a position and ensure they are a viable match before submitting any resume to an employer.
Do you allow other companies to see or use your database?
No. We never permit other companies to either see or use our database. We maintain a privacy policy with your information. If it is necessary to share your information with a client, we will first contact you and verify your interest in the opportunity and background match for the job requirements.
I match this job perfectly. What can I do beyond my on-line application?

If you are a perfect match for the position, please contact us directly using our Contact Us page. Before doing so, confirm you meet all of the requirements of the position (education, skills, salary requirements, and job location). Then, send your answers to our screening questions with a copy of your resume, marked-up to highlight your match to the job requirements, to us using the Contact Us (link to contact page) page. Be sure to reference the “Job title and ID #” at the top of your message. We’ll review this information along with your application and the job requirements so that your match for the position is properly evaluated.

Are all of these jobs still open?

YES. All of our jobs are open jobs and either actively interviewing or actively recruiting. When a job is filled, we remove it from our website. Sometimes jobs fill quickly and there may be some elapsed time before a job is removed. But, we endeavor to keep our job list as accurate as possible. If you become aware of a job that is no longer open, please know we welcome your input. Let us know using our Contact Us form, so that we can get it removed from our website.

Should I answer the screening questions in the job description?

Yes. Be sure to answer the screening questions! The screening questions are often the deciding factor in whether or not your application gets moved forward in the hiring process. A recruiter’s choice when reviewing an application is to either put it in the “not a match” file, call the candidate, or put it “on hold” because information is missing. If there are enough qualified candidates in the ‘call’ group, those applications with missing information will never have a chance. Better to provide too much information than too little. Be sure to never answer a screening question with “see resume.” This is your chance to describe how your experience matches the specific requirements of the job. Don’t expect the recruiter to search your resume to see if you are a match. It is your responsibility to tell us why your background matches the requirements of the job and the questions are your opportunity to do so.

For more information about our energy career services, please contact us at 770-985-5017 today!

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